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Hello, I'm Jessica, and you should get to know me.

Alright guys, I’m all settled in at my new blog, so this is gonna be my last post. I love you all, I’ve loved this blog for 4 years and I feel like Im saying bye to a close friend.I know it sounds silly but this really has been my secret online diary/scrapbook/whatever. But this is for the best and a new start for my new life after college. 

anyway, If you want the link to the new one, Ill still get messages for a while. Sorry if I haven’t already added you!!



what if there were professional text post critics


Witty and insightful. A must-reblog post. Suspense from lack of punctuation and resolution leaves the reader pondering possibilities late into the night.

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simple concept

simple concept





A zombie-bitten father tries to save his infant daughter in this bittersweet short film

So you’ve been bitten by a zombie. So long, conscious brain activity, hello craving for human meat. But the protagonist of the short film Cargo has bigger problems than his impending demise: he has to find a way to save his infant daughter, even if he has to die first to do it.

Directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke, Cargo was a finalist in Tropfest Australia 2013. It’s also a rather clever take on zombie genre tropes, with a story that isn’t about the survival of self, but the survival of another.

I love this short very much.

this is so special to me

still makes me fucking cry, every time. this is so bittersweetly beautiful and such a great take on the genre.

Omg my heart just broke :(

John watch thisss